Created Jun 28, 2009

Nigel Dogberry

Tomorrow Changes Everything. more

Nigel was born while his mother was on the run from the Catholic Nuns at Saint Joseph's Hospital on the northern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert. and grew up in a horrid orphanage in a parallel dimension. He learned basic survival skills from his faithful dog, Lassie. They, Lassie and Nigel, left the Chihuahuan Desert to travel to Quintana Roo, Mexico, where he became a torturer for the local constabulary. Nigel, now retired from torturing, has returned to the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert and lives as a hermit with his two Corgwyn dogs, Lilly the Princes Corgi and Jack the Pirate Corgi. When not writing bestselling novels, Nigel likes to build things, practice with his 12 foot bullwhip and practice knife throwing.